Forms - Urban Studies (4Cities)

Advisors for the Master Thesis

The following researchers at the Viennese Department of Geography and Regional Reserch are able to advise your Master Thesis in Urban Studies:

Registration of the Master Topic

The form "Registration of the Master Topic" & "Scientific Rules" (in German) are to be submitted to the SSS (StudienServiceStelle) in triplicate (via mail) with the (digital) signatures of the student and the supervisor.
Enclose the study sheet (Studienblatt) also in triplicate.

Download Form "Registration of the Master Topic" as PDF

Download Form "Scientific Rules" (in German) as PDF


The director(s) of the Study Programme (Walter Matznetter) will approve the master topic with signature.

Registration of External Supervisor

If the supervisor is not from our Department (see above), send your external supervisor the “data sheet for external supervisors” (with a digital signature) and when filled out, send it via e-mail to the SSS (StudienServiceStelle).

Download Form "Data Sheet for External Supervisors" as .doc

Submission of the Master Thesis

The digital upload of the Master Thesis in PDF format to until latest September 1st  is compulsory! Note: Only one document can be uploaded (it has to contain the standardized cover page (in German!, abstract, CV and the affidavit)

After uploading the master thesis, within one week 2 hard copies with a black cover (“Buchbindung”) of the thesis have to be submitted to the SSS (StudienServiceStelle), either via post or in person until latest September 8th.
Including: the signed upload-confirmation to the HOPLA platform!

Download the standardized "Cover Page-Template" for your Master Thesis as .doc

Download an explanation on the Cover Page

Download the Affidavit as PDF to enclose it in your Master Thesis

Download Information on the HOPLA Platform for uploading your Master Thesis


Statistical Survey (compulsory)

This survey of the Austrian Statistics Institute (Statistik Austria) on the occasion of completing your Masters Degree is compulsory to fill in! Please send the PDF to the StudienServiceStelle via e-mail. (english version)