Urban Studies (4Cities)

Advisors for Master Thesis

The following researchers at the Viennese Department of Geography and Regional Reserch are able to advise your Master Thesis:

  • Hans-Heinrich Blotevogel
  • Heinz Fassmann
  • Gerhard Hatz
  • Walter Matznetter

Registration of the Master Topic

The form "Registration of the Master Topic" & "Scientific Rules" are to be submitted to the StudienServiceStelle with the (digital) signatures of the student and the supervisor.

Download Form "Registration of the Master Topic" as PDF

Download Form "Scientific Rules" (in German) as PDF

Submission of the Master Thesis

The upload of the Master Thesis in PDF format at https://hopla.univie.ac.at is compulsory! Note: Only one document can be uploaded (it has to contain the standardized cover page and the affidavit)

After uploading the master thesis, two hard copies with a black cover have to be submitted.

Download the standardized "Cover Page-Template" for your Master Thesis as .doc

Download an explanation on the Cover Page

Download the Affidavit as PDF to enclose it in your Master Thesis